How to Wear a Guardian With You at All Times

 How to Wear a Guardian With You at All Times


Since the beginning of time people have been wearing jewelry that doubles as talismans. A Swarovski   talisman is a symbol or an object that the wearer believes will bring them good luck, protect them from evil impulses, or lead them down a path to great fortune. In most cases a talisman.

The talisman a person chooses to wear can be selected for a variety of reasons. Some people choose to carry or wear a talisman that depicts their zodiac symbol. People who choose to their zodiac sign hope that by always having an image of their zodiac sign they will attract the traits and quality’s commonly associated with their birth sign.

Some people opt for jewelry that is fashioned in the shape of a four leaf clover. The first people who started wearing four leaf clovers were the Celts. They believed that four leaf clovers were good luck because they were connected to the fairies.

The ancient Chinese believed in wearing living talismans. They believed that by keeping a live cricket in a small box constructed by the wood of a Weeping Willow Tree they would attract good luck to themselves.

Some talismans have a negative connotation. For hundreds of years the pentagram has been associated with witchcraft. Today people who wear a pentagram believe that it represents the five elements of the earth; air, earth, divine being, fire, and water.

People who believe in the power of a talisman will often wear a talisman that depicts the image of an animal. The belief is that wearing the image of a certain type of animal will cause the wearer to attract certain qualities that are commonly associated. For example a cow is typically associated nou



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